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A fun & fast way to learn Sign Language

The fun,
fast and
easy way
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Our bite-sized, interactive lessons will help you develop the skills you need for real-life communication. And because we know you are busy, we made sure that with just 10 minutes a day, you will be able to engage in your first conversations in no time.

Bite-sized and interactive sign lessons

Here is
it works

Practical conversation skills

Immerse yourself in Sign Language through interactive and useful dialogs that get you conversational fast.

Remember what you've learnt

Use our vocabulary trainer to reinforce your memory and retain your learnings for the long term.

ASL Dictionary

Want to look up a specific sign or sentence? No problem - our dictionary for American Sign Language has got you covered.

Sign with confidence

Unsure whether you are signing the right way? Refine your execution with the Lingvano Sign mirror and gain the confidence to sign!

At any time.

Use Lingvano to learn American Sign Language (ASL) on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. No matter where you are, your learning progress is constantly being synced across all your devices.

Here is what our users love about learning ASL with Lingvano

I really appreciate how flexible and interactive the learning system is.
Victoria A.
I find the course to be very engaging and have lots of fun while learning!
David R.
Lingvano helps me to keep my ASL skills up-to-date and expand my knowledge.
Jennifer S.

Building bridges

Lingvano helps you to connect with the Deaf community

Our mission is to help you connect with Deaf family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Start learning American Sign Language now and help to build bridges.

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