How to Politely Get a Deaf Person’s Attention

You need to get a Deaf person’s attention but you don’t want to be rude. How can you go about it politely? Let’s go over some common ways! 

1. Tap lightly  

If you’re close enough to the D/deaf person, then lightly tap them on the shoulder to get their attention. You should never tap a D/deaf person on the back because this will most likely startle them and no one wants to be unexpectedly touched. A shoulder tap allows you to be in their peripheral view, reducing the chances of surprising or scaring them. 

2. Wave your hand 

When the D/deaf person is farther away from you, you can wave your hand to get their attention. Avoid exaggerated gestures and over the top waving as these movements can come off as rude or condescending. It’s much more polite and friendly to wave casually in a normal manner

3. Create vibrations 

Another way to get a D/deaf’s person’s attention is to create vibrations by stomping on the floor or banging lightly on a table or other surface. Keep in mind that this works only if the D/deaf person is leaning on the table or close enough to you to feel the vibrations. 

4. Flicker the lights 

While indoors, you can flicker the lights in a room on and off to get the attention of a D/deaf person. Before, using this method you should make sure that everyone in the room is comfortable and okay with flickering lights. 

5. Always ask 

Every single person has their own preference of how they’d like you to get their attention. Some people may not want to be touched and others are bothered by lights turning on and off. So always remember to ask! 

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